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April O’Neil is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. April made her first appearance in the Mirage comic series in 1984 as a computer programmer. After leaving her job with Baxter, April decided to open an antique shop. The shop was subsequently destroyed in a battle between the Turtles and Shredder and the Foot Clan.

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In Volume 2 of the TMNT comics, April was attacked by a huge robot controlled by the brain of her former boss, Baxter Stockman, and injected with nanobots. With the help of the Utroms, the Turtles injected April with turtle versions of nanobots to stop Baxter’s plan. The intervention saved April before Baxter’s nanobots could reach her brain stem and kill her. Most subsequent incarnations of April are redheads. In the September 1985 re-printing of issue one, artist Ryan Brown depicts April as a katana-wielding ninja warrior in his back cover pin-up. In the winter 1994 Archie Special, April was mutated into a turtle herself.

This made her the first official female turtle introduced to the series, three years before Venus de Milo’s debut. Archie also published two sets of three-part April O’Neil mini-series. O’Neil, consisting of a dream sequence showing how she had been pressured into a scientific career by her family despite having an interest in journalism. In the continuity of the IDW comics, April is a very bright science student who interns at Baxter Stockman’s genetic laboratory Stock Gen, where her father used to work before a stroke rendered him paralyzed.

Casey Jones, who later introduces her to the now-mutated Turtles and Splinter. In the 1987 cartoon series, April O’Neil was introduced as a television reporter for Channel 6 News. She had a strong nature and passion for her work, frequently expressing disagreement with her employer Burne Thompson’s assignments. April was reporting on a series of high-tech equipment thefts when she came under attack by a gang of street punks. Thinking quickly, she managed to squeeze into a storm drain and ran from the mob until she hit a dead end.