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Assassin’4 square software company Creed Odyssey PS4 Patch 1. Catherine: Full Body is out on 14th February in Japan, and it’s no simple remaster. If you’ve been paying attention to Twitter recently, you may well have heard about Toby Fox teasing something related to his cult hit RPG, Undertale.

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The official account for the charming title asked people to answer some questions by downloading a small survey programme to your PC or Mac. Part of a series of free missions dubbed The Lost Tales of Greece, Ubisoft has said previously that these story-based outings will be added to the title on a regular basis. Indie developer Playdead has only released two games: Limbo and Inside. Both are bleak, fairly short 2D adventures, and they’re both brilliant. We know the studio’s next game is in production, but other than it having more of a sci-fi slant than its predecessors, we’ve heard very little about it.