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Jump to navigation Jump to search Not to be confused with News5. 5 News is the news programme of British broadcaster Channel 5 produced by ITN from their main newsroom on Grays Inn Road, London. From 1 January 2005, Sky News was awarded the contract to provide the news for Channel 5, replacing 9/11 programmes tonight, which had provided the channel’s news service from the channel’s launch in 1997. On 14 February 2011, the service was rebranded back to its original name, 5 News, having been called Five News from 2002 until 2011.

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On 5 November 2015 5 News at 5 anchor Emma Crosby announced she was leaving 5 News after four years to have a baby. Sian Williams replaced her on 4 January 2016 after months of interim anchors from Channel 5’s team of on-screen journalists. On 31 October 2016, a new look for the 5 News set was shown for the first time, featuring the shape of a 5 within the desk. There is also a new look for weather, now associated with the Met Office. Following the departure of weathergirl Sian Welby, former GMTV weather presenter Clare Nasir took over the role on Monday 31 October 2016. 5 News was one of the new station’s flagship programmes when it launched on 30 March 1997.

One of the launch newsreaders was Rob Butler, who would appear on Lily Savage’s Blankety Blank in 2001. The first Sky-produced bulletin was planned for 3 January 2005 but the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami brought this forward two days in a short Saturday evening update. In January 2009, the contract with Sky was extended to 2012. Five News pioneered a number of innovations in style, format and content of news and won numerous awards in its early years. On 20 October 2008, Five News was given a refreshed look with new theme music and titles. The 7pm edition was also rebranded Five News at 7 and saw the return of presenters standing up to read the news. On 10 August 2009, Channel 5 announced that its Five News at 7 programme would be axed in the autumn of 2009 along with newscaster Isla Traquair.