A programming jobs

Azure Functions provides another way to run programs and scripts. To keep the job from ending, the a programming jobs or script typically does its work inside an endless loop. If the job does end, you can restart it.

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Starts only when triggered manually or on a schedule. Runs on all instances that the web app runs on. Runs on a single instance that Azure selects for load balancing. A web app can time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Only requests to the actual web app reset the timer. A name that is unique within an App Service app. Must start with a letter or a number and cannot contain special characters other than “-” and “_”. The supported executable or script file types are listed in the Supported file types section.

Determines whether the program or script runs on all instances or just one instance. The option to run on multiple instances doesn’t apply to the Free or Shared pricing tiers. For the scheduling to work reliably, enable the Always On feature. Always On is available only in the Basic, Standard, and Premium pricing tiers. CRON expressions are described in the following section.