A to z software testing

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The Revised Section 508 Standards were released in January of 2017 and became a to z software testing in January of 2018.

To support this update of the Section 508 standards, the Federal Accessibility Community of Practice Best Practices Community of Practice has been updating several resources with the Revised Section 508 Standards for web, software, electronic content and the Harmonized Baseline for Testing Conformance. The Trusted Tester Process, training, and Trusted Tester Certification are also being updated to align with the updated Baseline and are slated for fall 2018 release. Level A and Level AA as required by the Revised Section 508 Standards, and supports the software requirements in the Revised Section 508 Standards. September 30, 2018: Trusted Tester V3 training and certification discontinued. September 30, 2019: Trusted Tester V3 or V4 test results no longer accepted in DHS HQ and DHS component governance processes. Harmonized Testing Process for Section 508 Compliance: Baseline Tests for Software and Web Accessibility for evaluating Section 508 Compliance for Software and Web. Change Control Board has approved updates to the DHS Section 508 Test Process for Applications version 4.

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0 to support the Baseline Tests for Software and Web Accessibility version 2. The DHS Section 508 Test Process for Applications version 4. 0 document incorporates the minimum baseline tests and steps required to determine compliance with Section 508 requirements. A unified test approach for Section 508 compliance provides consistency across government and confidence in test results shared between agencies.

The outcomes of these tests will be reflected only in Section 508 test results. Baseline test results are not affected by DHS-specific tests. All published documents can be downloaded from the additional resources section. Below is the mapping for the Baseline and DHS Test Process versions.