About software ag company

Founded in 1969, Software AG is an enterprise software company with over 10,000 enterprise customers in over 70 countries. The company is the second largest software vendor in Germany, and about software ag company seventh largest in Europe.

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ADABAS was launched in 1971 as a high performance transactional database management system. In January 2005, Software AG acquired Sabratec Ltd, a privately held legacy integration vendor headquartered in Israel. In July 2009, Software AG announced a takeover offer for the Germany-based company IDS Scheer AG. Since February 2010, IDS Scheer is part of the Software AG Group. In October 2010, the company acquired New Jersey based Data Foundations, a leading master data management provider. In May 2011, Software AG acquired Terracotta, Inc. Terracotta Inc is a leader in the field of in-memory technology for high-performance applications and cloud services.

In April 2012, Software AG announced buying the British technology provider my-Channels. With My-Channels, Software AG gained in-house access to universal messaging technology that allowed the company to transfer their data streams quickly and safely to the cloud and mobile applications. In March 2013, Software AG invested in Berlin-based company metaquark, which is specialized in mobile solutions. This allowed the company to access especially to the innovative know-how of metaquark. The Platform as a Service offers a range of ready-made modules and templates for building and running business applications in the public or private cloud settings. On June 13, 2013, Software AG acquired alfabet AG. Alfabet is a leading software provider in the areas of “enterprise architecture” and “IT Portfolio Management” focusing on the planning and optimization of IT landscapes.