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For more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. Learn how you can optimize your internal processes with Genpact’s dynamic BPM software. BPM will stand for business process management, and BPMS will stand for business process management software. Or request a free demo to see first-hand how our comprehensive platform will automate your company’s internal and external processes. BPM Workflow In BPM frameworks, solutions are nearly always based on a workflow or set of workflows. Basing a solution on sequential activities is effective in encouraging teams to execute goals within a set period.

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These capabilities enable the suite to cover a fuller business scenario. BPMS: A Business Process Management Suite. Intelligent BPM: A Gartner concept, which describes the next generation of vendor suites. These are suites which include intelligent features such as adaptive analytics, mobility, social collaboration, ad hoc processes, and cloud deployment. Predictive: Features which enable predicting the outcome of processes by extrapolating analytics in real time. Adaptive: A framework which enables processes to be adapted as they are run in production based on dynamically changing conditions. Social: Social process features and integration, such as Questions and Answers, Comments, Process Wall, etc.

Cloud: A business process platform that is deployed over the cloud. Companies are opting for cloud options more and more frequently as it improves time-to-solution with low infrastructure costs. On-premises: A solution that is deployed on premises. Horizontal solutions: Solutions that can be applied across several industries.

Vertical solutions: Solutions that are specific to a particular industry or type of process. BPMN: A graphical representation for specifying all types of business processes in a business process model. It was previously known as Business Process Modeling Notation. BPMS for Enterprise: A suite which is robust and scalable enough to provide a viable solution for a larger enterprise business. BPMS for SME: A system or platform which is appropriate for small to medium sized enterprises in its scope and scalability. Iterative BPM: A model for improvement whereby processes are optimized in an iterative fashion. A knowledge worker solves each case, employing unstructured processes and other resources.