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Indian programme of a fifth-generation fighter aircraft. It is a multirole combat aircraft designed for air superiority, ground attack, bombing, after mca software engineer, strike and other types of roles.

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Dassault Mirage 2000 and SEPECAT Jaguar. In October 2008, the Indian Air Force asked the ADA to prepare a detailed project report on the development of an MCA incorporating stealth features. In February 2009, ADA director PS Subramanyam said at an Aero-India 2009 seminar that they were working closely with the Indian Air Force to develop a Medium Combat Aircraft. He added that according to the specification provided by the Indian Air Force, it would likely be a 20-ton aircraft and would be powered by two GTX Kaveri engines.

AMCA, which placed the aircraft in the 25-ton category. 100 crore to prepare feasibility studies in 18 months. The funding would be utilised to develop two technology demonstrators and seven prototypes. 5,000 crores to build 3 to 4 flying prototypes. The conceptual design of AMCA was carried out till 2015, at which point the general configuration was frozen. Ten design proposals were evaluated with five designs emerging after intensive wind tunnel testing. The initial design of the AMCA was a tailess, delta wing aircraft with twin engines.