Antivirus for virus shortcut

This online service creates shortcuts to web pages with embedded icons. The antivirus for virus shortcut do not have an arrow in the corner, because they are tiny executables. If you are an internet user, you can create custom shortcuts for your favorite websites and place them directly on desktop.

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Download example shortcut to this page: Icon Shortcut Maker. If you want to use custom icon instead of one of the stock icons, you need to have this icon on your computer and its size must be less than 50 kB. Choose a stock icon or click the “Browse” button and navigate to your own icon. Type the address of the web page for which you want to make the shortcut into the “Address” box. Click the “Save shortcut” button and place the file on your desktop or another suitable location. This service produces a tiny Windows exe file containing the specified icon and the address of a web page.

When the application is run, it opens the web page in the default web browser. Running executable files downloaded from internet may be dangerous and shortcuts created by this service are executable files. We guarantee that the shortcut files do exactly what is described on this page and nothing else, but we recommend you to check them with your antivirus anyway. Info for webmasters If you are a webmaster, you may prepare shortcuts with icons for your visitors and let them download the shortcuts from your web pages. If you like this service, please consider linking to this page and recommending it to your friends. Visit sites in our directory of clipart. Create your own icons in our professional icon maker.