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Here are the latest Insider stories. Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was antivirus pre windows mobile error emailing this page. Mingis on Tech: What’s coming in the Windows 10 October update?

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To locate the network device, launch devmgmt. Scan for Hardware Changes from the Action menu. Browse my computer for driver software. That’s a bizarre, convoluted series of steps. Microsoft still hasn’t confirmed which third-party software is at fault. If you’re worried that installing this month’s updates will clobber your network interface card, make sure you take a full backup before installing the updates.

KB articles that hide the promises that were made. You shouldn’t be running Windows on old processors anyway. Now there’s strong evidence that Windows Defender updates aren’t getting out. Windows Update no longer updates Windows Defender on Windows 7 machines, yo. Last such update was on June 18. Nothing changed at my end firewall- or installation-wise.

Microsoft, they somehow aren’t getting through. When you apply Win7 updates this month, check to see if you have Windows Defender enabled and, if so, get Microsoft Security Essentials. It arrives with a servicing stack update, KB 4132650, which you only need to jiggle if you manually install updates. Here’s what gets me about 1803. But if you listen to people who work with Windows all the time, it ain’t necessarily so. The latest 1803 patches finally fixed so-and-so.