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Download a fully functioning, no charge COMPLEMENTARY-version of our golf league software and experiment with the sample golf leagues or set up your own golf league. For more artcut software since 1992 download information you can view the Golf League Secretary Html Help Files from this website. If you have questions about downloading read the tutorial “How to Download”. Company is an internet based company.

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All of our golf software must be downloaded from this website. There are no disks or CD’s available at this time. This keeps the cost of the software lower. The following table takes you to the appropriate download files. If You Currently Have GLS v9.

You can learn a lot about a program by examining its’ help file. It can be downloaded apart from the main application and reviewed off line at your own pace. 10  FREEWARE – Can be installed by you or any of your league members. EXE which contains the setup files for the Golfsoft Client Viewer.

A Full License at a discount i. Do I need to Prove what I have? No confirmation or verification is required by us, and we will never ask you for proof of your existing software. You can tell us before or after you buy, either way is fine.