At&t software update galaxy s7 edge

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Well Samsung has an even bigger one in the shape of the eye-popping Galaxy S8 Plus. Galaxy S8 Plus a good upgrade to the Galaxy S7 Edge which it replaces? Or is the older phone now a bargain you should look to instead? Yes, the Galaxy S8 Plus panel is a massive 0. Aside from size and strength, the Galaxy S8 Plus has gained Mobile HDR Premium certification which means increased brightness and contrast levels that make it ideal for mobile HDR content coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. That said both phones default to 1080p, lower than their native resolutions.

Samsung dropped the Galaxy S7 Edge to 1920 x 1080 with the update to Android 7. Design – How Big Is Too Big? Samsung’s new smartphone is significantly larger than its predecessor and there’s a notable weight increase as well. It’s still remarkably compact for its screen size – the 5.

The smaller bezels also see the home button removed and replaced by on-screen navigation keys with the fingerprint sensor moved to the back. This position is contentious as it is up high to the right of the rear camera, making it a big stretch and you’ll almost inevitably smudge the camera lens each time you unlock. So here the Galaxy S7 Edge holds the advantage. To compensate for this the Galaxy S8 Plus matches the Galaxy S8 with the introduction of iris and facial recognition. IP68 dust and water resistance allowing for 30 minutes of full submersion in up to 1. There’s also a common sense shift to USB Type-C as the new connector continues its honourable mission to replace all other USB form factors. Like the Galaxy S8 you’ll only get the Galaxy S8 Plus in Midnight black, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver at launch but with the Galaxy S7 Edge available in many more colours, expect Samsung to add new options right until the Galaxy S9 is with us.