B f utility base rate

Access from your B f utility base rate was disabled by the administrator. A web abbreviation for Business To Business. A particular for of business on the Internet.

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A telephony acronym for Binary Eight Zero Suppression. B8ZS is a technique in T1 that modifies the AMI encoding to ensure minimum pulse density without altering customer data. When eight “zeros” in a row are detected, a pattern with intentional bipolar violations is substituted. These violations enable the receiving end to detect the pattern and replace the “zeros. The main data pipes along which data is transferred. The “Internet backbone” as it is sometimes referred to, though it doesn’t exist as a single, physical tangible routing path, as do most LANs and WANs, is a good example. Smaller networks may not have or need a backbone.

The primary route from a control DSU or modem to its first tributary when the communications network contains extended controls. A symptom of a print quality problem. A term to describe one of the two multi-tasking states of the computer used to execute jobs, foreground or background. A primary job is in the foreground and a secondary job is in the background. A term used for many years in mainframe and minicomputers. A common bus at the rear of the computer chassis connecting each circuit card slot to the other parts of the system.