Bar c programming

Not to be confused with FUBAR. The etymology of foo is obscure. Its use in connection with bar is generally bar c programming to the World War II military slang FUBAR, later bowdlerised to foobar. The first known use of the terms in print in a programming context appears in a 1965 edition of MIT’s Tech Engineering News.

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Foobar may have come about as a result of the pre-existing “Foo” being conjoined with “bar”, an addition borrowed from the military’s FUBAR. Next best thing to the red door button. Displays “FOO” on the clock when used. The term foobar was propagated through computer science circles in the 1960s and early 1970s by system manuals from Digital Equipment Corporation.

Foo Camp is an annual hacker convention. Google uses a web tool called foo. Abridged Dictionary of the TMRC Language”. Microsoft ploy to block Sun exposed, news. Google Foobar: How searching the web earned a software graduate a job at Google”. Look up foobar, foo, or bar in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.