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Please forward this error screen to 104. When you’ve finally decided to buy a brand new toilet, you need to put a few essential aspects under scrutiny to ensure that you’re buying the best toilet for your needs. Having a clean and capable toilet leaves a great impression to anyone who visits your home. It’s an important asset for homeowners wanting to ensure good health for their family members. The modern, technically advanced models are blessed with features that ensure excellent water efficiency without compromising on performance. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite ones.

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Toto is an abbreviation for Toyo Toki. Toto manufactured plumbing fixtures were the first of their kinds to transform the toilet scenario of Western World. Today, Toto is the largest manufacturer of premium bathroom fittings. Every Toto model is carefully chiseled from a premium grade ceramic china for ultimate sturdiness and longevity. The strong technical specs offer great flushing impact without going overboard with the usage of water. S regulation of using a maximum of 1. 6 gallons of water per flush.

Presently, the Toto Drake II leads the pack. Toto Drake II is a single-flush toilet with monstrous power. The Double Cyclone Flushing System commands the entire action here. It activates a massive centrifugal action in the rim and bowl, thrusting the water through the rim nozzles and spinning in at a blazing speed to clear up the surface. The rim is without any hole, which adds to the seamless appearance of the bowl. 8 inch Computer-designed trapway that directs large mass of waste material straight down to the drain hole, leaving no scope for clogging the tube. On top of that, it also carries an approval from ADA, which means these toilets are tall enough to provide great leg support to people of all ages, especially elders with knee issues.