Best portable printer on the market

Printers aren’t the most glamorous purchase, but picking the right one is an important buying decision. It isn’t hard to pick up a printer these days. They are are cheap and ubiquitous, but most come with substantial extra running costs and restrictions, especially around replacement ink cartridges. Here to make sure you don’t buy a lemon we’ve compiled a list of best portable printer on the market best printers available for every budget.

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If you’re looking for a supremely versatile printer, then this is our choice. It can print up to A3 with a massive sheet cartridge. Top this all off with all the all-in-one features you would want. We conduct a series of tests to compare printers and then rank them accordingly. We conduct a five-page test for mono printing and colour, and then run the same test again with a 20-page document, as well as another five-page test of a document that combines mono text with colour images.

If a printer takes larger than A4 sizes of paper, then we’ll make sure we test the speed of that too. The price of this model has dropped so drastically since we reviewed it that we now consider it great value considering what you get. It performs well with decent scanning and print speeds made all the better for that new price point. We check colour accuracy to make sure photos come out as lifelike as possible, and test a large range of colours to ensure a printer can handle all shades.