Best portable wifi projector

So, what have to be considered when choosing projector? As projectors become increasingly popular, their market extends and buyers have to best portable wifi projector from many variants with different characteristics in any price range. Different types of projectors are available on the market today. Before you plan to buy it, you have to define your requirements clearly: do you need the projector only for movies, games, or as an alternative to the TV?

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And perhaps you are going to use it for the business purposes. If you travel much, you, most likely, look for a small or middle-sized projector. If you are going to use it at office for the business purposes, you need a stationary qualitative projector. There are many nuances which need to be envisaged before purchase. Some of them are more important, and others are not worthy of so close attention.

The luminous flux is the unit characterizing the light power of the projector which is measured in lumens though for simplification it is often called brightness. You can also pay attention to such parameters as picture contrast, lamp life cycle, 3D-formats support, plugs available. Read more detailed information about technical characteristics of projectors in our article How to Choose a Projector. ERISAN Multimedia Mini Pro Portable LED projector. ABOX T22 2400 Lumens LCD Video projector. Fugetek FG-857 Home Theater Cinema projector.

The brightness factor of 3500 lumens means that the projector is suitable for a well-lighted room. The LED light source saves electricity and lasts up to 30000 hours. 5 meters makes it possible to get a picture with the diagonal of 70-120 inches. 2 HDMI outputs, VGA, AV, USB and SD-card outputs. The range includes a model based on Android.

The brightness does not correspond to the declared index. The VIVIBRIGHT GP100 possesses the characteristics of premium models of the leading brands, but costs three times cheaper. It is the cheapest model in the review. This projector is intended for home use. With these characteristics ERISAN has rather bright, sharp image and in general good visual perception of the broadcast information. To improve image quality it is recommended to use a projector in the dark.