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Please forward this error screen to s039. Spotlight enables enterprises to quickly and easily configure and view assets, c cube software solutions, alerts, reports and manage an extensive network of Auto-ID devices. Spotlight technology coupled with S3Edge’s domain expertise provides a unique advantage in delivering best-of-breed asset tracking solutions for various vertical markets.

Join the growing list of companies using Spotlight to put in place an Observational System to track and observe assets in real-time. Enterprise-Ready’ applications on portal and mobile devices, users can track asset movements, send instructions to operators and search on asset attributes in real-time. Personnel Tracking, Factory Floor Automation, Warehouse Operations, MRO and Tool tracking. Sign up for a risk-free evaluation of the Spotlight system. Set up some time with us to see Spotlight in action for the various industry solution starter kits.

Product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners. Spotlight based RFID Software provides an automated method of identifying the movement of assets across various locations by deploying a packaged inventory-tracking solution across various devices, that can then be customized for specific business-process workflows. The seven pieces of cubes are named Soma cubes. The main problem of the Soma “research” is to assemble the seven Soma pieces or 27 cubes to make a 3x3x3 cube. The chance of solving this three-dimensional puzzle  is good, because there are 240 possibilities to put  the cube together, not counting symmetries. If you try to solve the puzzle for the first time, you need approximately 15 min.

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You have a better chance if you start with the three-dimensional pieces 5,6,7. Solution 1 was my first solution, which I kept in my mind. Solution 2 is easy to remember: You start with the three 3D pieces 5,6, and 7. Solution 3 is one of the few solutions without piece 7 forming a corner. He is using the notation on the left. The whole cube and the position of a soma cube is given in a row. The three blocks in the lines are assigned to the three layers on top, centre and bottom.

Piece 2 and 3 contain a 1x1x3 bar. The shapes of the Soma cubes result in the following statements. Piece 2 forms 0,1 or 2 corners. Piece 3 forms either 0 or 2 corners. This case is not possible, because you don’t have eight corners.

The other 6 pieces form 6 corners. Therefore piece 2 must form at least one corner. Soma piece 2 must always form a corner and must not lie in the middle. This can be the first steps to prove that there are 240 solution. It is interesting to look for new 27-cube-shapes.

This is one example, a “car”. More well known figures are sofa, bed, bathtub, gate, gravestone, and tower. There are innumerable figures of Soma cubes. This is proved by the following thoughts about designing new ones. All Soma cubes have 27 cubes. 77520 places for the remaining seven cubes, so 77520 figures.