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M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zM8 15. In my projects C is the implementation language. I am looking for resources on UML strategies which are applicable for C. I want to use UML during design and represent the different aspects of the system.

My question is not about how OOP can be done in C. For this we have many methods like www. As steven mentioned, in C we may want to use only sequence diagram and component diagram. I am looking for some resources which describe these strategies.

I don’t know of any existing resources that discuss using UML specifically for C. As others have mentioned, UML is language-agnostic. Keep in mind that with UML, you can have a model for the problem domain, and another for the implementation. Try not to model the problem domain in terms of C, but rather as high-level OO. Once you understand the problem domain adequately enough, you can begin modeling an implementation. Statechart diagram: For state machines, of course!

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Experiment, and you’ll find your own conventions for abusing UML. The problem with C is that it is more of a procedural programming language. Its harder to get the fine grained design with a C application. If you are working with C you may want to stick with sequence diagrams, and component diagrams, as that they describe and overview of what is going on rather than a graph of dependencies and interaction. C is not a “functional” programming language. I believe the term that was sought is “procedural”.

I agree that UML isn’t well suited for C, given that UML was derived from Object Oriented school of thought. But you can hack together a minimal relationship-based, watered down Object-like construct in C using structs containing function pointers though inheritance and polymorphism are not as simple. Thats why I suggested the diagrams that are more big picture approach rather than class diagrams and the like. An object oriented design is independent of the language and you can of course design your system using UML.

If you want to write your code by hand use some naming convention like Subsystem_Module_Class_Method to name your functions in an object oriented way and use a . Its not an obstacle for clean design but you aren’t going to have the level of abstraction, and component design as you would with an OOP language. That is the reason why OOPs was created. OOP can also be done in C: GTK is a good example for it. It makes a heavy use of macros, ok, but syntactically it is quite clean.

I agree that other languages integrate it better into their syntax and the code looks maybe a bit cleaner but with C you can reach the same goals. Abstraction is in the design, the code just reflects it more or less well. Not the answer you’re looking for? Browse other questions tagged c design uml or ask your own question. Is there any design tool for C programming language? Is there any point in drawing an UML class diagram in functional programming?

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