Can i take a portable charger on plane

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Highlight Shipment will be made in 3-5 business days. Highest Output for 3 Devices Pocket Juice: 3 USB ports for a total current output of 5. It’s the daily choice of Microsoft, Lenovo, Huawei, and Motorola. 0 adjusts current and voltage to minimize charging time. Whereas, Panasonic Smart IC frequency technology provides a safer and higher current conversion of this portable charger. Out: On the outside, a UL94 V-0 fire-resistant shell used by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and others for their luxury cars. Carry Pouch, User Guide and Lifetime Warranty Card.

I’m amazed how much device charging I can do with this thing before it needs to be recharged. Best brand i could find reading mult reviews. This thing is heavy, BUT its charge is amazing. I’ll buy the same thing again! Takes a while to charge, but I charge it at night! This portable charger is all I expected and so much more. It charges my phone several times before running out and does it quickly too.

The questions and answers below were created by Amazon customers, who are not affiliated or in any way officially connected with RAVPower. Please follow their advice at your own discretion. Where can we left a review? I have recharged it for long time over 24 hours and it can’t be fully recharged,why? A: Due to the huge capacity, it takes longer time if un-appropriated ac charger and cables have been used.