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January-June 2018, and 4,057,749 average online users per month, it is your go-to source for information on the region. The average quality of computer speaker systems is improving. It’s always been possible to connect a really good sound system to a PC – well, to any PC with sound hardware beyond the PC speaker, anyway. Since all PC sound cards have a normal unbalanced one-stereo-pair line level output, you can just plug ’em straight into a stereo, home theatre or PA system of arbitrary gruntiness, and you’re away. People don’t generally do that, though.

People generally plug in little dinky plastic speakers, instead. These usually have their own teeny amplifier built in, and they usually sound like a transistor radio falling down a drainpipe. Games can use multi-channel surround sound, and it’s pretty easy to convert a PC into an OK DVD player with surround output of various flavours. MP3s on your PC, a decent speaker system is obviously desirable. Accordingly, more and more people are buying fancier “multimedia” speaker systems. The basic kind of half-decent PC speaker system is the “2. 1” channel setup, with two mid-to-high-frequency satellite speakers and one larger subwoofer – the “.