Cmmi level 3 software testing process

Here is the list cmmi level 3 software testing process all CMMI Terms arranged in alphabetical order. A direct link is given based on first character of the term.

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Bookmark this page for easy access. Acceptance criteria : The criteria that a product or product component must satisfy to be accepted by a user, customer, or other authorized entity. Acceptance testing: Formal testing conducted to enable a user, customer, or other authorized entity to determine whether to accept a product or product component. Achievement profile: In the continuous representation, a list of process areas and their corresponding capability levels that represent the organization’s progress for each process area while advancing through the capability levels.

Acquisition: The process of obtaining, through contract, any discrete action or proposed action by the acquisition entity that would commit to invest for obtaining products and services. Acquisition strategy: The specific approach to acquiring products and services that is based on considerations of supply sources, acquisition methods, requirements specification types, contract or agreement types, and the related acquisition risk. Adequate : Adequate, appropriate, and as needed appear in CMMI to allow managers at all levels and practitioners to interpret the specific and generic goals and practices in light of the organization’s business objectives. For example, a Generic Practice for the process area of Risk Management states: “Provide adequate resources for performing the risk management process, developing the work products, and providing the services of the process. Advanced practices: In the continuous representation, all the specific practices with a capability level of two or higher. All technical and non-technical requirements related to an acquisition.