Commercial cool 7 000 btu portable air conditioner

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Looking for a cost-effective and efficient air conditioner that will be easy to set up when the heat comes and easy to store away when the heat goes? Then your best choice is a portable air conditioner. Effective and good on energy, portable air conditioners are a solid choice to suit any space. Read our reviews for five of the best-selling models on the market. The model can be used to cool down a very sizable room, up to 27 square metres. Its dehumidifying capacity is no joke either, capable of extracting up to 32 litres of water per day.

Plus, you can use the dehumidifying and air conditioning functions at the same time. The De’Longhi PAC N81 mobile air conditioner is an absolute powerhouse that could rival the majority of regular ACs when it comes to the cooling capacity as well as the cooling area. Plus, the unit looks good, and all of the necessary features are there, on top of a few extra ones. Running in a Sleep mode this model analyzes the ambient temperature and automatically adjusts the settings for its optimal performance. The Inventor Cool portable air conditioner is a functional and easy-to-use household appliance.

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It’s extremely compact and convenient to move thanks to durable casters. It works best in small rooms. It can not only cool them but also absorb humidity to prevent the formation of mould and mildew. The model comes equipped with a 24-hour digital timer that you can use to make it switch on and off after a set period of time. The Night mode will help you peacefully drift into the dream world with its slow but constant increase in temperature.

The automatic mode controls the temperature in the room without any assistance from the user. Produces quite a bit of noise at the max speed setting. What we have here is one of the most well-rounded options on the market. It may not be the quietest mobile air conditioner, but the sheer number of features you get for a really affordable price makes the product a really attractive choice for a whole lot of customers. The anti-bacterial water tray will help avoid the build-up of mould and germs, while the Active carbon filter will dispel all nasty odours. The LCD display might be a bit difficult to read. The portable air cooler Igenix IG9902 can not only save you from the summer heat but also warm you in cold seasons thanks to its heating mode.

Plus, it can also work as a dehumidifier or just a fan. Thanks to a variety of settings, you will definitely create the optimal climate in your small or medium-sized room. This air conditioner has a relatively compact size, 4 small wheels and a convenient top carry handle, which makes it very portable. The extendable hose isn’t very secure. The Homegear DJHHA-0100 air conditioning unit will quickly create a comfortable climate in any small room.

It’s a pretty basic model that still has a washable air filter, convenient control panel, and a remote control with a receiving distance of 5-8 meters. Kind to the Environment De’Longhi has always been one of the better companies out there when it comes to implementing some of the more sophisticated solutions without increasing the environmental footprint of their products and the PAC N81 Pinguino model is not an exception to this rule. But, as we have mentioned earlier, the product isn’t just defined by its low consumption and by its particular brand of kindness to the outside world. No, what we have here is a sophisticated piece of air conditioning technology first and foremost. As an example of that, we would like to direct your attention towards the LED control panel. Aside from the rather stylish look, the panel gives you convenient access to a considerable number of options you can use to make yourself comfortable.