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Is naming handle I_Love_ boosting cp skills? An awesome list for competitive programming for jobs programming!

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This is a project I started from late January 2016. My motive is that: Although there’s fantastic information out there, I think they’re still spread all over the place. Therefore, in my opinion it would probably be cool if there’s an awesome list for competitive programming! It’s now featured on the main list! Awesome Competitive Programming A curated list of awesome Competitive Programming, Algorithm and Data Structure resources. Created with a view to connecting people to information, this list below contains a complete collection of all the fantastic resources I’ve collected over the course of my 11-year competitive programming career. You can also contribute by sharing!

You, are doing not me, but everyone a HUGE favor! List of Lists Awesome curated lists classified by topics. A collection of fantastic tutorial blog posts written by Codeforces users. Some intriguing ones include Palindromic Trees, Policy Based Data Structures, and a lot more. Another good collection of tutorial blog posts written by Codeforces users. A very complete list of competitive programming resources. A must-have in your browser bookmark.

How to prepare for ACM — ICPC? A detailed walk-through of the preparations for ACM-ICPC. Syllabuses Find out what topics you need to learn. A detailed syllabus on which IOI contestants will be tested. This is still somewhat relevant to ACM-ICPC.