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If you want your ebook to be readable on multiple devices, you’ll probably need to publish it in multiple formats. You should plan out which e-readers to target before you start formatting: Your choice of devices will dictate which formats you can use, and from there you’ll need to research the exact specifications of each device so that you can design for it. Most e-readers can display images as well, although some, such as Amazon’s Kindle, have only monochrome screens. When you’re done with designing, and you’re ready to introduce your ebook to the world, read “How to Publish an Ebook, Step by Step. To start your ebook, create a new Word document.

If you plan to make multiple ebooks, design a basic layout and save it as a Word template so that you can use it for each new book. If you are making just one ebook, you can go ahead and place your text in it as you go. Start with the title page, typing the book title, subtitle, and author name, along with any other details that should appear here. Select the title text and format it by clicking the Title style in the Styles gallery on the Home tab of the Ribbon toolbar. Click a style in the Styles gallery to apply it to the selected text. If a style does not format text the way you want it to look, you can change the style by right-clicking its name in the Style gallery and choosing Modify.

Make your desired changes to the font, font size, and any other settings in the Modify Style dialog box, and click OK to apply them. All text formatted with that style will change automatically to match the new settings. As soon as you’ve finished the title page, you’re ready to start a new page. Choose Page Layout, Breaks, Page to begin a new page. If this next page is to be a table of contents for the book, type a title such as Table of Contents and then choose References, Table of Contents, Insert Table of Contents. PCWorld PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.