Cost of multimedia projector

I like to reuse parts or componets and I Love to be part of the Instructable community. In this Instructable, I show you how to make a LCD projector with a LED as the light source. Cost of multimedia projector tried to make videos of everything so it is easier to follow the steps.

See more cool projects on my blog. After making my first LED projector that you can see here , I had lots of questions and people interested in the projector. Some of them went ahead and did something similar like mcastles. I felt sorry that I could not give more details of the making of the projector. Also the MP4 player that I used is not longer available so many people could not find an MP4 with composite input like mine. I decided to make another one, so you could actually SEE how to do it. This type of projector is very energy efficient.

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A normal projector with metal halide lamp will consume about 260W plus a DVD player which can consume between 20w and 45W for a total of about 300w. That is a saving of a lot of money by the end of the year. Although the quality and brightness of a conventional projector will be better, you’ll have to pay the price, and the environment as well. Another good feature of this projector is that the LED should last about 10000 hours of use wile a conventional projector lamp lasts about 2000 hours. Lets see the result of making this projector. There is a powerful light that is projected through an LCD into a lens so the image is projected.

The better the quality on the LCD, the better the projected image. The LCD can’t take more than 40C, so if you decide to use some other type of light source, pay good attention to the cooling system. Without a good fresnel lens will be really difficult to light the LCD evenly. The fresnel from the OHP is really a twin fresnel, the one that faces the light is expanding the light to the full area of the lens, the other one is focusing all the light to one point. Any big scratch will be reflected in the projected image. The down bit is that you won’t be able to do keystoning adjustment. The use of mirrors allows you to make the box smaller as if there are no mirrors, you will have to place the LED farther from the fresnel lens, and also the LCD from the main lens.

You need to have everything inside some sort of enclosure, or the light will be coming out and it will light the room making the projector a lot less efficient. Here is a list of material I’ve used to make this projector. Also a list of the tools I’ve used. If you’re using a LCD bigger than 2″ you won’t be able to use a slide projector lens. I found the LCD projector on the street without light.

I made mine with wood and plywood, but be creative, If you can fit everything inside some sort of metal box, that’ll be even smaller. I took mine from a Mac case I found on the street. Dremel with cutting disk and round file tool. I spent about 60 pounds, but I had many parts already. I had all the other parts. The condenser lens was from a car headlight. The heatsink from a old pc processor.

The lens came from an old LCD projector. The High Power LED needs to be placed on a Heat sink. The heat sink I’m using is not as big as I would like, that’s why I added a fan to cool off the heat sink. Mark the holes where you’ll fix the LED.