Couples hypnosis programme

Doctor Who episode 5: Were the Daleks lurking nearby? Which MCU films give women the most screentime? Are these the titles to the four Avatar sequels? Viewers aren’t really feeling Channel 4’s new hypnosis dating show Couples hypnosis programme Stranger’It’s Eternal Sunshine but rubbish.

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The couple were then sent on two blind dates each, whilst also temporarily living apart. They eventually met each other on a final date to see if that original spark could be reignited. But on George’s first blind date, when asked about his past relationships, the hypnosis appeared to be wearing off, with Aaron physically stepping in to ‘top him up’. And in the end, it appeared as though the hypnotised Lucy and George didn’t recognise each other while on their date. They were pretty stunned when Aaron told them the truth, and didn’t understand why they had pictures of one another on their phones. It took a one-year anniversary card for them to snap out of their hypnosis.