Creativity in programmatic advertising

Every brand has amazing stories to tell. And Video is the best vehicle to bring creativity in programmatic advertising to your audience. Scroller Ads groups the best performing publishers with formats that fit best for its content.

Your Video ad is distributed to those publishers where people actually watch them, helping you optimize your campaign goals and your advertising budget. Premium Video Advertising Marketplace Optimize across video placement that match your audience perfectly. Achieve your advertising goals with Scroller Ads! Completion Rate: Capture the user’s attention with non-intrusive video ads with our curated ecosystem. Engagement: Boost your brand awareness with attractive videos across all devices.

Set up your PMP to receive impression opportunities from a more focused inventory and maximize your campaign’s results. Take advantage of RTB market auctions and optmize your own campaign according to your KPIs. Optimize also Reach, CTR and more! Setup a floor price with us and start from there!

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Get in touch now with our team of advertising experts or publisher support. I hereby certify that the information above is true and accurate. Find our offices around the world. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. The death of the banner ad may not be imminent, but the rise of programmatic buying and demand for viewability have forever changed the economics of display advertising. As a result, banner inventory is being valued and sold in fundamentally different ways, forcing a new wave of creative innovation.

Google’s new Engagement Ads connect with users through multiple creative formats that expand after a two-second hover delay. The reason native has become part of the industry lexicon is because it works. The ability to present a marketer’s message in-line with how viewers would otherwise encounter the information around it will get noticed. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153192166. Manage all your media strategies across digital and TV to deliver better ads for every audience. Programmatic is a strategy, not a channel.

So bring the ease and power of data and automation to your TV advertising. We bring the best data science to search. Use AI and data integrations to make search marketing about strategy instead of best guesses. We believe content is as important as delivery.

Streamline the creation of meaningful ad experiences that resonate with your audience. A foundation of connected data Nobody knows the data like us. And we bring that expertise to bear on advertising. 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About the Future of Advertising.