Cut down utility bills

The web, reviewed by humans since 1999. Yes, there must be 50 ways at least, and most are cut down utility bills, inexpensive and easy to do.

Some areas have very low gas prices. In other places home heating oil is reasonable. Electricity may be the energy source most prevalent where you live, and parts of the world have little access to any inexpensive fuels. Find out what is the best for you to use heat your home with the energy that is cheapest in your area. Consider heating your home with the sun’s help.

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Energy from solar panels or using solar heat to supplement your normal heating source is cost effective in most parts of the world. The initial cost may seem higher, but over the long run it costs the least and many energy hungry areas provide generous tax rebates for installing solar panels. If wood is plentiful where you live, have a professional install a wood burning stove. In the spring and fall, turn off the heat unless the temperature outside gets below freezing. Temperature variations near the thermostat will affect the whole house.

Be sure your thermostat is located in an area that is not too cold or hot. Install an automatic timer to keep the thermostat at 68 degrees during the day and 55 degrees at night. If it seems chilly – put on a sweater. Wear warm layered clothing indoors during cold weather. Some of the new synthetics are the best for thermal layering. If you live in a cold climate and can comfortably walk around in a tank top and shorts – you’re wasting money!

Use storm or thermal windows in colder areas. The layer of air between the windows acts as insulation and helps keep the heat inside where you want it. Don’t just concentrate on the windows install storm doors before the cold weather arrives. Open up those draperies and shades in winter to let in the heat from the sunshine. If you’re worried about fading the furniture – use a slipcover.