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This article needs additional citations for verification. IEC 2022 system of specifying control and graphic characters. IEC 8859 series of graphical character sets among others, they are rarely used directly, except on specific platforms such as OpenVMS. When they turn up in documents, Web pages, e-mail messages, etc. Only HT, LF, and CR are universally well handled.

Occasionally BS is used to overprint two characters, and VT and FF are sometimes handled. On the other hand, the C1 control character NEL intended as a single byte substitute for the common two-byte sequence CR LF is often accepted by plain text applications. This meaning is usually not intended in a text stream, but the result is that NUL often cannot be assigned any other meaning. In addition, some transmission protocols such as ANPA-1312 do make extensive use of control characters SOH, STX, ETX and EOT. Other well known but now nearly obsolete ones are BEL, ACK, NAK and SYN.

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Latin script, lines are written on a page from top to bottom and that characters are written on a line from left to right. These are the standard ASCII control codes. Originally used to allow gaps to be left on paper tape for edits. Now often used as a string terminator, especially in the programming language C. First character of a message header. In Hadoop, it is often used as a field separator.

First character of message text, and may be used to terminate the message heading. Often used on Unix to indicate end-of-file on a terminal. Signal intended to trigger a response at the receiving end, to see if it is still present. Response to an ENQ, or an indication of successful receipt of a message. Originally used to sound a bell on the terminal.

Later used for a beep on systems that didn’t have a physical bell. Move the cursor one position leftwards. On input, this may delete the character to the left of the cursor. On output, where in early computer technology a character once printed could not be erased, the backspace was sometimes used to generate accented characters in ASCII.

Position to the next character tab stop. On typewriters, printers, and some terminal emulators, moves the cursor down one row without affecting its column position. On Unix, used to mark end-of-line. Position the form at the next line tab stop.