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Zephyr Breeze cutie mark crop S6E11. Zephyr Breeze is a male Pegasus pony and Fluttershy’s younger brother who appears in the season six episode Flutter Brutter. Fluttershy’s brother was initially revealed by Andrea Libman at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International. 6 episode with anew character I love to hate. Or is it hate to love?

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Zephyr Breeze appears in the season six episode Flutter Brutter, introduced as Fluttershy’s younger brother. He is depicted as a chronic slacker who freeloads off of his parents after dropping out of mane therapy school. When first introduced, Zephyr is stated to have pursued various interests before quickly giving up on them, including mane therapy and sculpting. Unable to support himself, he frequently moves in and out of his parents’ home in Cloudsdale, much to the frustration of his older sister. When Zephyr moves back in with his parents, his presence serves as a nuisance and burden to their way of life. When Fluttershy confronts him about this, her parents take her side, and Zephyr tearfully takes his leave—only to move in with Fluttershy soon afterward.

Though his presence in her cottage is just as cumbersome as before, Fluttershy allows Zephyr to stay on the condition that he get a job. However, his attempts at being employed usually involve him slacking off and getting others to do the work for him or otherwise quitting without even trying. Incapable of living on his own, Zephyr eventually confesses to his sister that his unwillingness to try stems from a crippling fear of failure. Fluttershy convinces him that sometimes one has to do things, even if one might fail. With the support of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, Zephyr pursues mane therapy once again and graduates from mane therapy school.