Difference between programming and machine learning

If one talks about intelligence, will he classify it as a skill or an ability? How about one’difference between programming and machine learning expertise in computer programming, is that a skill or is it more likely an ability? For example, an athlete can have the ability to run for 20 rounds around the oval for as short as 30 minutes. This exceptional ability is then considered to be one of the athlete’s skills.

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It is therefore something that can be learned and acquired through training for example. Skills can be cognitive, perceptual and motor. Skill is a composite of abilities, techniques and knowledge. These are the ones that make one do tasks at a higher degree or standard. These are more goal directed and is seen through improvements or positive changes in one’s performance. Conversely, ability is the generic make up of the person either perceptual or motor in nature that can be inherited from one’s parents.

Abilities are more of qualities that enable you to do or perform a particular task. Compared to skills, abilities are much stable and enduring. Common examples of abilities that can be observed or assessed are: muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Skill is learned while ability is more or less inherited or has a genetic background.