Difference between software developer and web designer

My role as a Web Difference between software developer and web designer Manager is to make the web developer’s jobs stress free. Web Project Manager and actually extends further than web developers. My role as Web Project Manager is to make everyone’s job as productive and stress free as possible.

Web Team Expertise Focus Over the years I’ve seen digital agencies making big mistakes when it comes to effective web project management. One of the most common mistakes was having production team members e. Web designers and web developers are highly skilled people and nothing will destroy their passion, productivity and morale quicker than having them involved in areas of a web project that stop them from doing what they love and do best, designing and developing. The range of tasks that can stop these experts from doing what they’re hired to do are endless, but what is finite is that when it comes to web project team management, one primary goal of a Web Project Manager is to do everything within their power to ensure these guys and gals don’t get sidetracked or bogged down in things that will reduce the quality of their work.

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The minute this happens the effectiveness of the team is diluted, momentum is reduced and Web Project Managers need to understand this. Whether you used to be a web designer or developer or not, you have to appreciate that when these guys are in the zone and working hard to meet deadlines you probably set out for them, stopping to answer the phone, an e-mail or an ad hoc question can seriously break their flow and it takes time to get back into it. Web Project Managers Are Stress Sponges Another key aspect to being a good Web Project Manager is keep the production teams as stress free as possible by absorbing as much stress for them as you can. Although never on any Web Project Manager Job description, it should be assumed that part of the role is to basically take crap on behalf of your team in such a way that they don’t even get a whiff of it, even if they’re the cause of it.

During a web project there are a zillion things that will happen that will cause stress, but a test of your team management leadership skills is to see how much of this stress you can personally absorb in such a way that your production team don’t feel the heat, why? Simply because a stressed web designer or developer will not work as well as a happy one. Why Should I Take All The Crap! Many Web Project Managers out there have asked this question and it’s a valid one, but the answer is because it’s your job.