Diy cabinet around utility sink

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, diy cabinet around utility sink just need to make sure you’re not a robot. DIY Faux Multi Drawer Cabinetusing peel and stick planks!

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Don’t you love it when an idea simply pops into your head? That’s just what happened with this sideboard makeover. I was about to cut down a sheet of thin plywood to create some faux drawer fronts when I suddenly stopped. Why don’t I try using them instead? You can affix faux drawer fronts to lots of different furniture items.

From a dresser to an armoire to a nightstand, the options are almost endless. However, there are some attributes which will make things easier and produce better, more authentic-looking results. Yes, that orange beast in the above pic is the actual piece of furniture I started with. Now, I could pretend I bought this sideboard just last month. And that I refurbished it within a reasonable time-frame.

Cause, you know, that’s just how I roll. Truth be told, it was sitting in my parent’s garage for almost three years before I even looked at it. Cause, you know, that’s actually how I roll. I bought it just after I finished this faux drawer DIY because I had a hankering for another similar project. Turns out my hankering wasn’t particularly pressing!