Drain for portable air conditioner

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. A couple months ago I detailed the travels of Harold the Helicopter’s journey to the bottom of our guest bathroom toilet, and the subsequent DIY plumbing project I undertook to rescue him. Drain for portable air conditioner’s List for an air conditioner repairman. I soon found myself in the attic staring at a nearly-overflowing air conditioner drain pan.

Gain Some Altitude I suspected a problem with the air conditioner drain since when the drip started it had not rained in a few days. I checked the main air conditioner drain pipe which comes out of the side or our home and noticed it was draining, but not with as much volume as it typically did. PVC pipe to extend the drain away from our foundation. 30 and returned home to put it to use. Preventive Maintenance If I had taken this step earlier in the spring I could have probably avoided this near-disaster, but better late than never.

I accessed the air conditioner’s drain by removing a PVC cap on the top of drain pipe by hand. If the pipe was properly installed, this cap should only be tightened by hand and can easily be removed and replaced without any tools. I added a little bleach to the drain pipe to clear away any accumulated algae and mildew. 09 for the Stinger Shop Vac. We had bleach on hand so I didn’t factor this into the cost. 50 service call to our air conditioner repairman.

20 I am now the proud owner of a mini shop vac. If all attempts to unclog the drain fail, it may be necessary to contact a plumber or air conditioner service professional. I recommend checking out Angie’s List to find reviews of service professionals in your area. About the Author Jason had the foresight to understand that people can’t continue to live beyond their means without unpleasant financial consequences. Jason’s wisdom became apparent several months after the site launched, when the world economy saw its worst downturn in a century. We instead befriend handy people and I offer food in exchange for services.

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Amy: Way to put those culinary skills to use! Actually, I didn’t use to be so handy either. I had to start figuring things out, or start forking over megabucks for repairs. Well, you know me so you can imagine the direction I went! Before that I repainted the living room and will probably tackle the stairs this summer. I’ve also re-caulked and weatherstripped the windows. Like Amy, my husband is stellar on the computer, no so much with other stuff.

30 years old and running fine. It’s a great way to save money also a lot of personal satisfaction in a job well done. Sally: Indeed it does provide satisfaction. I rarely get a chance to get my hands dirty in my full time job, so I enjoy taking on challenges around the house! We probably saved several hundred dollars over the last year doing this sort of thing ourselves. I and several friends of mine have a handyman circle. We all tired of paying such high fees to plumbers, electricians, and the like several years ago.

We used our bissell steam carpet cleaner to suck out the drain. We used a wire hanger to clear it out and sucked away. We were elated that we were able to figure out the problem. We plan on suctioning twice a year from now on. 175 in a visit that normal people should be instructed to do by the professional. C runs into a vent pipe.

I wish I had thought of using a shop vac! I ended up using a piece of tubing to siphon the water out of the pan and then removed the horizontal run of PVC to clean it out. I need to put some bleach in the drain pipe. The condensing coil is the large one outside. It will help prevent foundation cracking. But why does the evaporator coil send water down the pipe when the central air conditioner is running ?

Is it icing up and then melting ? The evaporator cools off and then the air can’t hold all of the moisture. As a result water condenses and you have to move it away from the evaporator. I love hearing about DIY projects. Not sure this counts as a DIY project, but lately I’ve been darning my socks and fixing other clothing items that need repair.