E-motion software update

E-motion software update E-Store account allows you to view stock, prices and to purchase Feature Enable Codes for your controllers. If you do NOT already have an E-Store account and think that you may be eligible, you may apply by contacting Trio. 3 enhances the programming experience for the Motion Coordinator 4 range and the new Flex-6 Nano and MC6N-ECAT. This new release has enhancements to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators even more straight-forward.

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Standard Packages can be prepared separately to the project and inserted as required. A Package has advanced operations that may be useful over a range of applications. Packages can be encrypted to protect intellectual property. Standard templates will be updated online. Your browser does not support the video tag. The new 3D Visualization tool enables simulation of Machine Motion, using an externally generated 3D model of a machine which can be synchronised with the motion program. Helps with visualisation of XYZ paths.

3D machine visualisation tool Take a 3D solid model of the working parts of the machine motion and animate it to see a simulation controlled from the motion program. Clear connection modes MPv4 can connect to the Motion Coordinator MC4 range in Direct, Tool or Synchronous mode, allowing connection at a level that is appropriate to the operations needed. EtherCAT drive support View and control the network state, see individual drive status information, read and set CoE objects in the remote drive. Panasonic RTEX Drive Support User Interface supports large numbers of drives with greater responsiveness and a New STARTUP file generation process to improve usability.