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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we ecu programming near me need to make sure you’re not a robot. Fault code reading can be very mis-leading. Faultcode reading must only be seen as a diagnostic method “to point the finger in the right direction”.

Delph DS150E or an Autocom Pro copy from China connected to a secondhand BT Panasonic CF 29 toughbook. Is the best coverage system to date for the money! SD card and a collection of leads, is the only relevant model sold. Sykes Pickavant and SP diagnostics are now two differing companies. SP diagnostics is led by Winston Lee, who worked for Sykes since the early 1990’s.

He has survived many changes of Sykes ownership over the years. So he must be a man who knows his trade! Sykes Pickavent SPe service tool, just being released looks very usefull, I have the application list! The base tool is a rebranded Socio Pokayoke 540 product from Italy. VAT it looks very good value for money. We bought in August of this year a secondhand SPi unit.

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We are really pleased with the SP Diagnostics SPi we have bought, the multiplexed all in one 16pin lead has really speeded up the job. Ford diagnostics much improved, comes with a bit of Dealer spec IDS type graphing. EOBD applications are very good, with some really impressive graphing functions. We now have the latest Software update for the SPi downloaded from the SP website. I have had the opportunity to try one a few times and I am beginning to find uses for it.

If you own a SP Wasp, you need a good supply of cable ties, I today have diagnosed an intermitant ABS fault on an Audi RS6. When test driving, I was unable thru live serial data to see the loss of a rear wheel speed sensor signal. I could not use a scope connected to the vehicle wiring and drive at 40mph, but I could use the Wasp and see the sensor output graphed thru the SPi handset. I see a future for this type of tool. We have owned a Bosch KTS 651-750 which cost us thousands, plus you need to enter into a contract for monthly updates. Bosch KTS system again, as most applications can be covered by separate handheld kit purchased from the internet.

Hold this thought  “I reckon there is more money selling diagnostic equipment than buying it and billing the service out”. So be very careful how you spend your money! Fiat Examiner, Peugeot Planet-Diag2000, Renault Clip, Citreon Proxia-Lexia3, Rover and Land Rover Testbook, Volvo Vida-Dice, Honda Him-Hds, Nissan Consult2, Toyota Mastertech, Mitsubishi MUT2, VAG-VAS5051, Kia GDS Global and Hyundai Carmen Scan. Land Rover Disco 2, Defender and Range Rover diagnostics.

Does everything you need including programming keys. I have one for my 2004 TD5 Discovery 2. I have just purchased a secondhand Carman-scan for Japanese cars. Nextech Carman-scan-lite with Version 980 software onwards and the optional blue multigateway cable which performs single wire can-bus, is the model to buy! I’ve bought one direct from the USA. Its the only mini code-reader I’ve seen, that does not look like its going to fall apart the first time you use it. Mac ET50 super tool for the money.