Elements of multimedia definition

Well, it’s time writing service to rejoice! Many of you will be using Modernizr for feature detection, but Modernizr currently doesn’t check for details support. Update: Thanks to Mathias for the comment. Other browsers elements of multimedia definition have similar issues in the feature, resulting in false positives.

I forgot to mention that my feature test is available as a Modernizr plugin and has been included in the has. Interesting look, and thanks for demonstrating the pseudo elements. Details might have been useful a decade ago, but the state of the art today surpasses whatever functionality ends up being cobbled together to support this element. Well so does CSS, and you can use newer CSS effects now to create the same functionality. I’m not sure this is a viable concern nowadays.

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Seriously, how many people do have JS turned off? And if you design a site correctly, those few still have access to all the data. By the time Details is really useful, no one will care. Safari won’t be long behind and we’re already covering pretty much everything but IE. This makes this article both very interesting and useful!

The example where summary contains a label is solvable if a general principle is added: If a hidden element gets focus details should open automatically to reveal its content. BTW, I have the same gripe when people position skip links off screen but do not reveal the visually when focused. I didn’t know it was working in Chrome! It’s a very cool addition to the html5 spec, though it does make me wonder about the semantic value of these new tags. It pretty much tells you nothing at all about its contents, it merely describes browser behavior. And while such functional shortcuts are pretty handy, there must be a better way to mark them in our html than using html tags, no?

Another random question: is the detail a sectioning element or do we need extra wrappers for that? CSS so that the user understands that this is a click-able element. But even then, adding UI behaviour to elements in mark-up feels like a layering violation. Behaviour bindings should be defined elsewhere, possibly exploiting XBL. I wouldn’t be surprised if the details and summary elements are one day viewed in much the same way as the font element is today. So is it possible take an existing element and style it like a details element? I agree with Ahlocci: details is the new font element.