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I have trouble sending email in PHP. I was under the impression that you can send email without SMTP to verify. I know that this mail will propably get filtered out, but that doesn’t matter right now. This is the setup in the php. How should I set up SMTP?

Is PHP Mailer allowed to be used in paid scripts? According to their license file PHPMailer uses the LGPL 2. 1 license, which allows commercial usage. Instead of modifying the application, you can change the environment.

SMTP client with Sendmail compatible CLI syntax which means it can be used in place of Sendmail. It is super useful if you’re trying to connect an existing application to mail services like sendgrid or mandrill without modifying the application. Implementing this on my Docker containers for apps that don’t use a mailing library. The IP you’re using to send mail is not authorized to 550-5. I want is a open mail relay. There are several ways to send mail from PHP.

I spent several hours configuring and getting them up. First one is simpler in my opinion. Of course, real mail service like Gmail doesn’t allow direct connection without any credentials or keys. You can set up virtual machine or use one located in your LAN. I use default exim4 on Debian 7 that listens its LAN interface. Libs are easier to set up.