Examples of multimedia products

HTML and CD-Rom Presentations You will need Windows Media Player to view the video workshops. If you do not have it installed, you can obtain it as a free download from Microsoft. These workshops serve as an introduction to Mediator. It covers the basic elements and tools of the Mediator 9 examples of multimedia products, the selection between a standard, CD-Rom or Flash project and how to set the basic properties of your project.

You will also find out how to use the visual display to identify a particular frame very precisely. Saving the project also allows you to keep different versions of it by duplicating the original version. You will see how to add a text bubble or an arrow to draw attention to a particular point of the recording, how to place a label on these objects and how to hide them from a specific frame onwards. You will also see how to use markers to redirect the user to a different section of the recording depending on his or her answers. In this tutorial, you will see how to define snapshot points and how to export the snapshots as bitmaps, either as single files, or embedded in a preformatted Word document, complete with chapter headings, legends, footers and page numbers.

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