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What To Do After a Data Breach? What Do You Do If Your Social Security Number Is Stolen? But does the VPN deserve its feature-packed reputation or is it more hype than substance. We wanted to validate for ourselves this VPN’s ratings found online. We decided to test the product and give you the information in this NordVPN review, so you can make an informed decision if this provider is right for you. In our NordVPN review 2017 we set out to find out.

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NordVPN is a premium VPN that lives up to its reputation. It’s fractionally more expensive than some other solutions on the market, but for stellar Netflix support and industry-leading features that even stray into the realm of internet security, we think it’s a worthwhile investment. 7 email and live chat support. Users have reported positively on interactions with the staff and you certainly get the impression that these are in-house professionals deeply familiar with the product’s operation. There’s also a well populated help center which features an extensive selection of in-depth tutorials on how to get every configuration the platform offers up and running.

The Android setup tutorial, for instance, walks through getting every connection protocol setup one-by-one. From a baseline downlink of 40. 16 Mbps, speed only dropped to 35. These are good metrics that are more than sufficient for practically all browsing and streaming requirements. One strange limitation worth pointing out is that users are unable to specify the city they are connecting to. Based in Panama, which currently has no data retention or reporting laws, NordVPN is a totally no-logs provider. According to its help center, the only information kept about users is their email address and billing information.

That’s a pretty ironclad guarantee if we ever saw one. If you’re interested, don’t expect to find much information about the staff members or executive leadership of NordVPN. The company prides itself on anonymity and that evidently extends to its own public image. Users can get the NordVPN set up in a matter of minutes. After purchasing a subscription and entering their new NordVPN login credentials, users are taken to a download area which has apps available to download for all the supported platforms. We were particularly impressed by the granular installation options available for each platform.