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If you have a problem or question, you can visit the PSPad discussion forum. After registration you can receive messages for chosen topics via e-mail. PSPad beta versions are published in the discussion forum. You can download them for programmers forum any restrictions, test new program functions and have bugs corrected before the full release is available.

The latest build published in the forum is 5. Go to Above Ground Pool Central for the best above ground pool reviews. Diagnostics, coding, programming, repair BMW vehicles. OPPS, ICOM, ISIS, E-sys and other BMW software and hardware. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Introduce yourself and your car to our community.

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You can discuss here all things related to BMW diagnostics, repair, maintenance, car care, modifications and styling. All issues related to BMW chip tuning, ecu repair, dumps, e. Here you can discuss all questions related to BMW Programmers, EWS, CAS, M35080, key programmers e. Do it yourself projects and frequently asked questions. Here you can find user manuals, service trainings, repair manuals for all BMW vehicles and systems. Here you can discuss any questions not related to BMW repair, diagnostics, e. Members’ can use this forum to provide any suggestions, comments for this community.

Most users ever online was 1,287, 02-26-2015 at 06:52 PM. Search Engine Optimization by vBSEO 3. Using cin to get user input. Too many questions keep popping up with the same problem. Just try entering some invalid data and see how it handles it.

Cin is notorious at causing input issues because it doesn’t remove the newline character from the stream or do type-checking. It’s best practice to NOT MIX the different types of input methods from cin. However, the code below is type-safe and if you enter something that isn’t an integer it will handle it. The above code will simply go into an infinite loop and cause undefined behaviour in your application.