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Q Course is the initial formal training program for entry into the United States Army Special Forces. For software engineer what qualification is needed Forces Assessment and Selection course and the follow-on Special Forces Qualification Course. A version of SFAS was first introduced as a selection mechanism in the mid-1980s by the Commanding General of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at the time, Brigadier General James Guest.

Candidates in SFAS class 04-10 participate in logs drills in January 2010. A Canadian soldier participates in a timed march alongside US Army soldiers during the Special Forces Qualification Course. Kennedy Special Warfare Center began to once again accept some students from allied nations wishing to attend the school. 24 days of training held at Camp Mackall.

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Events in SFAS include numerous long distance land navigation courses. All land navigation courses are conducted day and night under heavy loads of equipment, in varied weather conditions, and in rough, hilly terrain. Land navigation work is done individually with no assistance from instructors or fellow students and is always done on a time limit. This generally ends any opportunity a candidate may have to become a Special Forces soldier. Active Duty military candidates will be returned to their previous units, and IA 18X candidates will be retrained into a new MOS based upon the needs of the Army. Candidates who are “medically dropped,” and who are not then medically discharged from the military due to serious injury, are often permitted to “recycle,” and to attempt the course again as soon as they are physically able to do so. Candidates will then complete what is often referred to as a ‘”wish list.

Officer candidates will attend the 18A course. Successful Active Duty candidates usually return to their previous units to await a slot in the Special Forces Qualification Course. 18X candidate lacks a previous unit, he will normally enter the Q Course immediately. All SF trainees must have completed the United States Army Airborne School before beginning Phase 2 of the Q-Course. Course Description: Phase 1 of the SFQC is the SF Orientation Course, a seven-week introduction to SF. This module exposes the students to the overall learning objectives and outcomes of the SFQC, trains them in tactical guerrilla warfare, and provides them the operational and strategic context under which they will train for the remainder of the SFQC.