Gta v software update

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Today, we are releasing OpenIV 3. We never actually thought this will be possible, but files for PS4 version of GTA V are available, so why not? As always in the beginning of the support for new game or platform, not all OpenIV features are available. Since PS4 have some specifics in GTA V RAGE Resources please consider this support as BETA and report any issues you may encounter. You might also have question, where to get the PS4 game files. You need to have game files on your PC. When you got the files, you also need decrypted version of eboot.

Vehicles animations As our first step in GTA V Animations support, we added new feature for playing vehicles animations. In the model viewer if vehicle has animation you will see controls for playing it. You can play animation forwards and backwards. Multichannel audio support We added very important option into OpenIV settings. You now can configure how OpenIV plays multichannel audio. OpenIV will mix all channels into one mono sound. OpenIV will mix channels into two channel stereo sound.