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Introducing cadlogic We are specialist developers of CAD Design Software. More than 30 years experience is clearly visible in the quality and functionality of our off the shelf and Bespoke systems. Many thousands of CAD design softwares are used daily all around the world. If you want to know more or need our help on our CAD programs just select one of the categories below. If you need help deciding which of our CAD systems is right for you or maybe you need to chat about our bespoke development service.

Call us, email us, we are here to help. From your valuable feedback we were pleased to see the quality of the talks was judged to be extremely high – even better than we had hoped for! Launching the Software Craftsmanship Conference in 2017 was an experiment. Looking back, we are very proud with the response and to see the interest that exists for the craftsmanship mindset. In 2008, a number of aspiring software craftspeople met in Libertyville, Illinois with the intent of establishing a set of principles for Software Craftsmanship. We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the moment that started the Software Craftsmanship movement.

Want your company to adopt the Craftsmanship mindset? Pragmatic in your approach to software development? Speakers Industry leading experts, thought leaders and software craftspeople who shape and drive forward the craftsmanship community. Robert Martin Author of many influential books, co-author of The Agile Manifesto and a founding member of Software Craftsmanship movement. Conveyance, an experienced consultant and the author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code. Sandro Mancuso Co-Founder of Codurance, author of The Software Craftsman, and founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community.