How many software houses in islamabad

A one acre, permaculture based, homestead dream. We have built two hoop how many software houses in islamabad so far. I like the concept due to it’s low cost and mobility, though we do need to add protection for the winter months.

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Last winter we used straw bale walls and a large tarp to get through the winter. Eventually we plan to build a permanent coop, but having a totally mobile setup allows us to figure out the best location for that coop. It also gives us some more time to learn what we are doing and what we want in a fixed coop. The basic concept is pretty simple, two cattle panels arched over a 2×4 frame.

There are, however, a ton of options in the details of how to put them together. We used untreated lumber and sealed it with a homemade paste of beeswax and mineral oil. The front and back panels are hog panels and it features flip down wheels and a trailer hitch allowing one person to easily move it. There are many other differences, but this post will be mainly focused on how to build the second version.