How to build a portable bidet

Some toilets in Japan are more how to build a portable bidet than toilets commonly found in other developed nations. A pink or red skirt-clothed silhouette is used for the female toilet. A blue pants-clothed silhouette is used for the male toilet. English language word “toilet” and is used both for the toilet itself and for the room where it is located.

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This is similar to the usage in American English of “washroom”, which literally means a room where something is washed, and “toilet”, which literally refers to the act of self-cleaning. It is often used in elementary schools, public swimming baths, and other such public places, and is not especially impolite, although some may prefer to use a more refined word. In many children’s games, a child who is tagged “out” is sent to a special place, such as the middle of a circle, called the benjo. Japanese comics for visually indicating toilets or other things that look like toilets. Some public toilets may carry pictograms showing the proper use of a squat toilet.