How to hook up portable generator to travel trailer

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Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Power Output One feature that many people worry about is the size of their new generator. Does it have enough power to run all of your electronics without completely draining the gas supply that you have available? This is important because a lot of the newer RVs have most of the luxuries that you would find at home.

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In addition to considering how much power you’ll need, it is worth considering how clean the power provided needs to be. For sensitive electronics, pure sine is best. Portable Vs Permanent Another important consideration is whether or not you want a portable generator or one that you must leave attached to your RV at all times. Many chose a portable unit because of the versatility they offer. Noise Noise is also an important aspect of a generator. Would you be able to sleep with a generator thumping nearby? Most are designed to run quietly, but some are quieter than others.

Keep in mind that if it is too noisy, it may annoy nearby campers, neighbors, and family members. For more information you can read our full post on the best camping generator here. See our full decibel video test at bottom of post. Below are the results of our Ultimate Decibel Test. Portable generators will usually run around 50-70 decibels depending on the load, and open frame generators are often above 100 decibels.

This is because most open frame units do not offer an eco or economy mode which varies the throttle of the generator based on load requirements. Fuel Consumption Lastly, you’ll want to consider how often you will need to add more fuel to your generator. If you plan to be out in the middle of nowhere for the weekend, having to travel to town for fuel will be inconvenient and defeat the purpose of getting away. Some types of generators offer an eco mode which throttles based on power demand.

Which Type of Fuel Is Best For Recreational Vehicle Generator? There are four types of common generator fuel. They are regular gas, propane, natural gas and diesel fuels. Most portable generators run off of regular gas, just as you would put into your vehicle. The rest of these gas types are mostly used in on-board generators, but this will depend greatly on the type of RV or travel trailer you have or intend to have.