How to programmatically send sms

Introducing PHLO Beta – Visual how to programmatically send sms to building powerful communication apps in minutes. Programmatically send and receive text messages. Integrate voice call functionality in your apps. Build your first application within 5 minutes with your free trial credits.

SMS API Platform SMS API platform allows you to integrate highly reliable text messaging into your applications. You can programmatically send and receive sms across the world. Voice API Platform Voice API platform allows you to integrate high quality voice calling into your apps. You can programmatically make, receive, control and route calls globally. Can I try Plivo’s products for free? Yes, we do provide free credits for you to try our products. Sign up with your work email to redeem your free credits and build your application.

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Can I try more than one product at the same time? Yes, you are more than welcome to try any combination of products for your use case or needs. Do you have example applications built using Plivo? Check out our developer docs for example applications in various different languages. If you have any further technical questions check out our knowledgebase or create a support ticket. How does pricing work for SMS and Phone Calls? Each SMS is charged per unit sent or recieved.

Voice Calls are charged per minute for each call made or recieved. Phone Numbers are charged a monthly rental fee at the start of the month. How do I estimate monthly spend for my volume? We are happy to help you estimate your monthly spend based on your volumes and use case. Contact our sales team to understand the details of how pricing would work for your use case. Is my data safe with Plivo?