How to set honeywell programmable thermostat

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. A thermostat activates your furnace or air conditioner to come on at pre-set times determined by temperature changes in your home how to set honeywell programmable thermostat office. Energy experts agree that setting your thermostat to adjust to different temperatures when you’re home and away helps to save money on utility bills. By programming your thermostat based on your schedule, you can save money while also helping to conserve energy.

If your home has central heating and cooling, then you most likely have a central thermostat to control it. Thermostats, whether programmable or not, will have many similar settings, including fan options, heating options, and cooling options. Depending on your model of thermostat, you will likely either have a small switch on the thermostat’s faceplate or a cycle button to cycle between heating, cooling, and off options. You will see a number on the thermostat display. The system will run until the house reaches the chosen temperature, and then it will automatically turn itself off and only reengage when the internal thermometer registers that the home is warmer than the set temperature. Setting the heat for your thermostat is very similar to setting the cooling option.

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You can then use the same set of arrows you used to set the cooling temperature to set the heating temperature. While all programmable thermostats have roughly the same functions, they aren’t universally operated in the same manner. If you have the manual for your thermostat, keep it handy in case it has a unique set of operations. Make notes about your schedule for 7 days, including all 24 hours each day. The current time and date must be entered into your programmable thermostat for it to function properly. Press this button and a clock will appear on the display for you to set the time and the date.

You may also need to set the day of the week, but it will follow in the same process after the time and date. Once you have the date and time programmed, you are ready to program the thermostat’s schedule. Again, you can use the up and down arrows to cycle through the time. Press the respective button for your model thermostat again and the temperature will begin blinking. Use the up and down arrows to find the temperature you want.